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Guitarist playing a vintage Gretsch guitar outside

Our artists don’t just create premium, tried and true resources; they use them every single day. When you order a product from SoundShop, you’re not getting an interpretation or a copy of an artist’s sound; you’re getting the real thing directly from the source. We only allow presets for pedals or software that our artists actually use on tour and in the studio. Our Sounds and our Artist Signature Presets have been tweaked, curated, and perfected over years of real life testing in venues and studios around the world to ensure that no matter where you are playing, these sounds will elevate your tone and inspire creativity.


We’ll never recreate an artist’s sound on software or hardware units that they don't actually use so you can be confident that when you get a product from us, you’re always getting the best. At SoundShop, we believe that premium sounds inspire creativity and give you confidence on stage and in the studio, allowing you to focus on having fun and playing music. Don't worry about your tone, we've got you! Every time you place an order with us, you are supporting your favorite artists.

What Sets Us Apart

Welcome to SoundShop, your premier destination for top-tier resources designed to elevate the artistry of musicians and producers. Our commitment lies in delivering sounds of unparalleled quality, crafted to inspire creativity, instill confidence, and save you precious time so that you can get back to doing what truly matters. In collaboration with world-renowned artists and producers, we've curated a collection that bridges the gap between aspiring musicians and seasoned pros.


Founded in 2023 by musician and producer Daniel Dauwe, SoundShop stands out as a platform created by musicians for musicians. Our unique approach ensures that every element is tailored to enhance your musical journey.

Our Story

Musician playing a large keyboard rig for a concert

Our Mission

Have you ever wondered how your favorite artists achieve their iconic tones in the studio and on tour? SoundShop is the answer. We've partnered with some of the best musicians in the world to bring their exact sound presets to you. Our artists have relied on these presets to play and record for GRAMMY award-winning artists.

Experience the sounds you've heard on countless records and live shows through your own rig! It doesn't matter if you are practicing in your bedroom, worshiping at your local church, recording at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, or performing in arenas around the world; we've got something perfect for you. Our mission is simple: we inspire creativity in musicians and producers by giving them the best sound resources, all while supporting artists around the world.

“We are so excited about the future of SoundShop. Our commitment to innovation and excellence will redefine the music performance and creation experience for artists worldwide.”

Daniel Dauwe

Get Started Today

Ready to step into the shoes of your musical heroes? Dive into our collection of sound presets, handpicked to ensure authenticity and excellence. Browse, select, and elevate your sound effortlessly.

Join the SoundShop community and let's make something beautiful together. Your favorite artists' sounds are just a click away.

Musician playing Fender Stratocaster guitar on stage with warm orange lighting.

Why SoundShop?

Feel Inspired Again

At SoundShop, it’s not just about buying presets; it's about experiencing your favorite artist's tone firsthand. When you use sounds from SoundShop, you’ll be able to experience the exact tones that fuel your favorite musicians. Unleash your creativity with our presets and unlock new horizons in your music. Are you ready to feel inspired again?

Gain Confidence

When you choose SoundShop you're investing in your own musical journey. Have confidence as you play, knowing that your presets are the exact sounds that your favorite musicians rely on as they’re playing for GRAMMY-Award winning artists. With our presets, you’ll never have to worry about how your tone sounds; instead, relax and enjoy playing music.

Save Time

At SoundShop, we're passionate about music, and we know you are too. That's why we offer an extensive selection of premium sound presets, meticulously crafted over years of testing in venues and studios around the world. We’ve put in years of testing and hard work so that you don’t have to. Instantly get access to world-class, studio ready sounds and get back to doing what truly matters.

Support Your Heroes, Elevate Your Sound

By purchasing from SoundShop, you're not only connecting with your musical influences but also supporting them directly. We collaborate with some of the world's most renowned artists to bring their signature sounds straight to your fingertips. Your music, fueled by their expertise.

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